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Walk With The Master
Readers Comments
    I am so blessed to have received the following e-mails from my
    readers!  Please keep them coming - I love hearing from you!
    Ms. Eriksen winsomely portrays the healing love each wounded
    creature encounters as they meet the Master.  The themes are love,
    peace and healing. In our broken world we can never have enough of
    each of those virtues.                  —Lyn Baker, Author and Educator

    We are just having such a great time reading your book, a few
    chapters every morning as part of our home schooling routine.

    We have just gotten to the part where Anna learns about forgiveness
    and letting go of anger. This one really hit home for my little girl who
    continually allows her little brother to annoy her. She is now realizing
    that she cannot change her brother and that she needs to learn to
    forgive him so that her own soul won’t be filled with negative thoughts
    that will follow her into heaven.  Thanks for putting this incredible
    book together!  Cheers!         
                                     ...Amanda van der Gulik....Excited Life Enthusiast
    Hi Kathy,

    I really like your book. We learned a lot of lessons. We learned when
    we get angry at each other then we just have to calm down. I’m really
    looking forward to reading the rest of the book. The pictures I love the
    most because they really go well with the stories. Thank you for
    writing it.                    ------ From Xanthe (a 7 year old in New Zealand)
    Hi Kathy!

    I really thought your book was lovely! The story was compelling,
    written at a level that children could easily understand, and delivered
    powerful, universal lessons from which all children could greatly
    benefit. I am sure many people will find truth in this beautiful work.
                                                                                                    ---Jill Hope

    Your book is a great teaching tool and a good read.  I will be sharing it
    with my great grandchildren and some great-great nieces and
    nephews later this year.

    The illustrations were great for a children’s book, and the teaching of
    Jesus definitely came through at the child’s level.  Forgive and you will
    be forgiven and not expecting complete change immediately after
    meeting the Master are concepts that are difficult to present to
    children and you handled them very well.  The fact that there is
    always more growth and change for everyone who walks close to Jesus
    makes life a succession of joyous

    Keep writing – we need more Christian writers who can relate Biblical
    truths both accessible and clearly stated in children’s
    terms.                                                                                       -----B. Evans
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Eriksen. All rights reserved.
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