Recommended Reading for Parents
Thank you for visiting our site.  There are many great books,
movies and other resources available to parents to help maintain
and strengthen a Christian household.  The following suggested
books and movie are all available on

If you would like to learn more about the quiet years of Jesus' life,
a book by Bruce Barton called
The Man Nobody Knows is an
excellent start.  He examines the Gospels to discover the human
side of Jesus - his personality, his likes and dislikes and most
importantly, his heart.  

Dr. Teresa Whitehurst has also written a wonderful book called,
How Would Jesus Raise Your Child?  Dr. Whitehurst looks at
Jesus' teachings for guidelines and parenting models and then
translates that information for the modern parent.  

Another great way to introduce your children to Jesus is by
watching the movie,
Joshua.  It is based on a novel by the same
name, written by Joseph Girzone.  The story is about a
mysterious man who shows up in a small town and begins
ministering and healing people.  Joshua's quiet and unassuming
demeanor hide a powerful personality and direct connection to

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