Walk With the Master
And He Will Lead You Home
What Would Happen if a Dog
Found Jesus?

    Join author Kathryn E. Eriksen as she explores what it means to have a
    personal relationship with Jesus.  Walk With the Master is told through
    the eyes of the lovable narrator, Barnabus, a stray dog who discovers
    Jesus living a quiet life in the small town of Nazareth.    

    Walk With The Master opens up a new way for
    your children to explore how Jesus lived his life,
    and why he acted and said the things he did.  By
    the end of the book, your children will understand
    how the Master's lessons can act as a blueprint for
    their own life.  They will also know how they can
    begin their own personal relationship with the

    To buy Walk With the Master online, please click on the book cover or
    visit TatePublishing.com.  It is also available at Amazon.com. The
    adventure of walking beside Jesus is worth the price of a paperback book!

    Discover Barnabus, the stray dog who finds the secret
    of a happy and fulfilled life.  All he had to do was follow
    the Master, and he found his way home.  

    Walk With the Master just won the
    NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement
    Award for Spring 2010!

Copyright @ 2012 by Kathryn E. Eriksen.  All rights reserved.

"I loved this story.  
Barnabus made me
laugh.  He was
probably the happiest
dog in the whole world.  
He got to be with Jesus
everyday.  How cool is
—L. Dillow, ten years

"Kathryn's story of
acceptance, forgiveness,
and miracles, as seen
through the eyes of a
dog, is a creative way to
share the message with
children. My
grandchildren will love
this story of Barnabus
the dog and his Walk
with the Master."
—Dr. Katherine
Donaldson, clinical

"Ms. Eriksen
winsomely portrays the
healing love each
wounded creature
encounters as they meet
the Master.  The themes
are love, peace and
healing. In our broken
world we can never
have enough of each of
those virtues."   
—Lyn Baker, Author
and Educator
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